Work easy dealing with a ghost who falls for a handsome young man in which to seduce him gets in his dreams until the young gradually is falling in love, when he falls completely it is made reality and live happily forever.   VERSION Orchestra.  Difficulty 2
Don corchea is a little piece for young beginners in which it is about a
child playing with a music puzle in which is full of eighth notes and in the must do
a small song, his dream is to grow up and compose youth works and
children, full of eighth notes and as his name always carry the name in his
compositions the name of DON CORCHEA, this little piece performs in that puzle
where its main figure is the eighth note, so it sounds with a melody of very easy scales
where the quaver makes its main role.
COLORÍN COLORADO is a little book like the outcome of all the stories
children, it is like putting music to all the ends of those stories that of children
we have heard, such as: Little Red Riding Hood, The Three Little Pigs, Snow White,
etc, etc. It also serves as an introduction to any story and at the end of his music
full of color begin the story or finish it.
Their music is brilliant harmonious and sweet very easy for young interpreters.